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Dear Mr Jian,

Svutlana read your tale of woes from top for bottoms–how you be fire from CBC radio show base on allegations of non-consensual sexual aggressions–and if your Facebook post be true, feel me too much for you.

For sure some vanilla sex peoples look at adventuresome BDSM sex peoples like you with little bit envies for costumes, props and choreographies. Ever since Fifty Shade of Grey you be extreme trendy and when you add allusion for Lynn Coady Giller prize, you be both trendy and haute torture. From outside BDSM appear cool, hard for pull off and little bit uncomfortable for look at, like skinny suit.


You look nice with muppet and appear for be extreme cuddly, Mr Jian. For sure young womens look at you and listen for your show and think you be cross between Malcolm Gladwell and Thumper. It take Stephen King for imagine that you like for choke, hit and bite non-consent womens or tell womens you work with that you want for hate fuck them. That be said, four eight womens say this be case. Even if four eight womens make up stories about you, there be at least four eight womens in world who no like you one little bits and take some risk of expose for destroy you. No too many nice mens can say this. If what four eight womens say be true, then have you big fuck problems Mr Jian.

There be many many peoples in BDSM community who have happy happy consensual sex life and lots for wear on Halloween. Be your sex life happy happy, Mr Jian?




Believe or no, Svutlana be in Sin City, Las Vegas Nevada. Many years ago, Svutlana go with friend Svutcarol (who also be on this Sin City trip) and together we search for sins. We phone two sex line but, because we be womens, nobody will talk for us. There be Chippendale show in Las Vegas, but we can get nice gashooshlank in face at home so we decide for pass. Final we settle for watch porns in hotel room. Apparent wages of sin for womens be minimum.

In time since Svutlana last visit, Las Vegas open Shady Lady Ranch for womens who wish for pay for sex but unfortunate, accord for Huff Post…

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.16.27 PM

It be interest for know what ten pay customers ask first legal male prostitute (also know as prostidude) for do before he leave town and return for Alabama. Svutlana have absolute no fuck ideas so ask friends…

“Hypothetical speak, if you hire prostidude, what you ask him for do?”

  • One womens say “YUCK!”
  • Other womens say she would ask prostidude for go for outlet mall with her with absolute no complain.
  • Other womens ask prostidude for provide steady stream of compliments all over body.
  • Svutcarol ask prostidude for massage legs that be sore from walk at outlet mall.
  • All womens say would request oral sex until prostidude be absolute tongue tie, but only if he be kind of mens who no be prostidude.

Svutlana survey seem for indicate that there be significant gender asymmetry in sexual attitude and practice.

In Las Vegas they deliver womens for room like they be pizzas. Mens in green t-shirt be everywhere on Strip with hand out pizza promotion materials. Svutlana get little bit mad last night when several mens in green t-shirt try for hand Svutlana husband pizza promotion cards as if Svutlana be frozen pizza and pizza womens they offer on street for deliver be more hot and have better toppings…


Accord for Economist most popular prostitute pizza toppings as follow:

Blonde with long hair athletic build and DD bust who will swallow entire slice when have pizza party in threesome…

Economist no provide similar datas for what kind of sex womens want and maybe Economist no give one fiscal fuck, but in 1978 Svutlandia Sex Institute provide answer in seminal study entitle “Marginal Sexual Utility, Commoditization and Optimization in Female Populations.” Study find that womens have shadow price for sex–instantaneous change per unit of sex in objective value of optimum solution–that be infinite. In other word, womens want kind of sex you can no buy in Las Vegas.





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