Where sex be happy happy

Maybe you wonder as Svutlana do from time for time, what percentage of womens use sex as weapons. Finally Svutlana find answer:

Svutlana apologize profuse for be away from Svutlana blog for too long. First Svutlana go for Sochi for wave rainbow flag of Svutlandia and compete on Svutlandia bob and sleigh team. We come four times for place fifth.

Now Svutlana be in Crimea. Svutlana start pussy riot with use sex as weapon against Russian aggressions. Maybe one days Putin target Svutlandia that be rich in unnatural resources. Worry me too much for think about this.

Wish you be here…see you too soon.


Warm regard you too much,




Can write Svutlana at svutlana@gmail.com for request extreme fascinate limit-edition desk calendar.

Here be picture, so can see what Svutlana be talk about…

svutlana 2014 calendar

If you be interest for receive limit-edition copy of Svutlana 2014 Happy Happy Calendar, please send Svutlana email at svutlana@gmail.com.

Warm regard you too much!



from desk of svutlana to justin bieber

Svutlana create these cartoon for warm up because be away from Svutlana blog for too long and use for draw cartoon as child so feel comfort for me. Obvious, Svutlana should no add cartoonist for Svutlana LinkIn profile.

Svutlana return for normal blog operations soon.

from desk of Svutlana for Robin ThickeSvutlana no mean for imply with this cartoon that she be most hot womens in places except occasional at library or late night at grocery store…

Needless for say Blur Lines no get Svutlana vote for best song in 2013. For me, best song of year actual come from 2012 and that song be Jake Bugg Lightning Bolt. Svutlana get hit with successive lightning bolts and that be reason why Svutlana blog be dormant for over month…

Here be link for Jake Bugg.

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